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Samsung SUHD TV– 2016 Premium Models Explored

It’s that time of year again, when we start to see a whole new range of TVs start hitting the shelves. As the big brands try and gain leverage over each other with cutting edge technology like Curved TV, UHD, SUHD, and HDR to name but a few – the consumer can be left feeling a little overwhelmed as to which model they should be buying. Enter Samsung SUHD TV.

There is no bigger brand in Digital TV in Australia at the moment than Samsung – so when we had a chance to experience their new range at the 2016 Samsung Roadshow, we left feeling pretty excited with what we are about to see in the newly released or soon to be released range of Samsung TVs.

Samsung TV KS9000

The Key Features

Samsung’s 2016 TV Range has many cutting edge technologies spread across its models – from the entry level 5500 all the way up to the flagship 9 Series SUHD.

Full HD Models being scaled right back

The first major change to the line-up this year, is that if you want a big screen TV – then you’re going to have to dish out for an Ultra HD or SUHD Panel. There will be no option to purchase a Full HD Samsung over 49”.

Samsung TV 2016 SUHD This seems to be a positive move from Samsung, as people are buying bigger and bigger screens these days, and putting them into the same sized lounge rooms sitting the same distance away from them.

As Panels become cheaper and cheaper, more and more people are able to afford purchasing a 65” plus screen – even though a 50” or 55” screen might be the “ideal” sized screen for their viewing environment. So the only way to reduce picture degradation from over sized TVs is to increase the resolution – and Samsung want to be known as producers of exceptional picture quality from their TVs. Hardly achievable from a 65” or bigger TV sitting 2 metres away in your apartment!

Not all UHD is created equal – Samsung RGB 4K TVs

Just when we’re starting to get our heads around this UHD / 4K business – another spanner is thrown in the works. Most manufacturers and consumers understand UHD TV to be made up of 3860×2160 colour pixels, which typically is understood to mean red, green and blue (RGB) subpixels making up one coloured pixel. So that means approximately 8 Million pixels each comprising of Red, Green and Blue Sub Pixels.

Throw in another terminology – RGBW. Some brands choose to use RGBW panels in their TVs, as opposed to RGB panels. In these panels, you also have White subpixels in addition to the standard Red, Green and Blue as explained above. On a UHD TV panel, these white subpixels would account for 25% of the screen, resulting in around 6 million coloured pixels on a RGBW panel - instead of approximately 8 million pixels on a standard RGB one.

Why, then, I hear you ask – would anyone want to use an RGBW panel then? Well by adding the 4th white sub-pixel, the energy consumption is reduced, without sacrificing brightness. The cost of componentry drops too, which means these panels cost less to make. This is why TVs using them are cheaper than their RGB equivalents. But there is a trade in image quality - as the image quality and colour accuracy aren’t as good as UHD TVs using an RGB panel. With Samsung’s 2016 TV Range comes the promise that every UHD branded TV will feature an RGB panel and NOT an RGBW panel.

Samsung SUHD TV Range

The pinnacle of Samsung TV Technology, providing the best experience currently possible in every aspect of Samsung’s TV. Samsung has developed its SUHD TV’s to offer superior picture quality day AND night, coupled with a beautiful design to create a premium, yet elegant solution to your home entertainment needs. THIS IS TV”

Sounds impressive right? But what makes the Samsung SUHD TV range premium to their UHD Range?

  • Quantum Dot Technology
  • 10 Bit Colour Panel
  • 1,000-nit peak brightness
  • Ultra-Black reflection-reducing screens
  • One Connect Support
  • UHD Premium Certification

The Quantum Dot technology was available in last year’s Samsung SUHD TV models.  This year, the technology has been enhanced by the addition of a new type of Blue LED, then placing a layer of red and green Quantum Dots over the top. This allows Samsung’s SUHD TVs to have pure and brighter whites, and the ability to produce over 1 Billion colours, hence making the panel a 10 Bit Colour Panel.

The brightness of Samsung SUHD TV Panels is measured at 1000 Nits, which is VERY bright. Samsung tell us that this is a huge advantage in brighter rooms, as well as with HDR content. A direct aim at a certain brands OLED screen, without doubt.

Ultra-Black screens were developed to reduce glare and reflection, giving Samsung SUHD TV sets uniform performance all over the screen especially in a brightly lit room. The way this technology works has been described similar to a Moths eye – that is the addition of microscopic cones in the panel which absorb light in the same way that a moth’s eye does to allow it to see better at night.

One Connect Support was also around last year, but it has also received a bit of an upgrade, with the RF (Antenna port) now located on the One Connect Box – meaning that there are even less cords going into the back of the TV giving the set a neater look especially in a Table Top Installation Set Up. A One Connect Box is basically a small box which attaches to the TV with a single cord, and all of the HDMI, USB, Optical and now Antenna cables plug into.

UHD Certified Logo

Also, most importantly, the entire line of 2016 Samsung SUHD TV has been tagged with the Ultra HD Premium Certification Badge. To find out exactly what this means: Click here

One Remote

Samsung One Remote

Samsung have also upped the ante when it comes to the remote Control as well. The Samsung One remote is a universal remote, and can automatically recognize and connect with almost any Pay TV Box, Gaming console, or Home Theatre system that is connected to your TV. That’s right – ANY brand including favourites like Apple TV, Foxtel and Playstation.

It can work like a pointer (similar to a wii remote or LG Magic Motion remote) or like a regular remote depending how you hold it.

Here’s a cool video from The Wall Street Journal’s website showing the Remote in action  .

Meet TIZEN – Samsung’s new Smart TV Platform

The new TIZEN platform from Samsung is developed with the aim of providing a new level of connectivity, while still maintaining ease of use. It is fully customisable to make it easier to access the apps and features you want. Most of the time, we tend to use just a very small number of the Apps available, so TIZEN places a line of tiles along the bottom of the screen for quick access to recently used or chosen apps and channels.

Another great feature from the new Platform is that the way you would normally access the Inputs has changed – there is no need to remember which device is plugged into which port. As long as your device is connected with an HDMI cable, whether it be a Soundbar, Playstation, Apple TV or Blu-Ray player, is now detected automatically and is displayed with its own icon showing what it is. These icons are shown alongside your chosen apps, so things like Netflix, Stan, YouTube and live TV can be easily switched between from one easy menu.

Another great feature is that when you’re watching a video from an App on the TV, for example a YouTube clip or a Netflix TV Series, it gets saved when you turn off the TV. That means when you turn your TV back on – you don’t need to re-open the app, find your program and start it again. It’s already there – where you left it! Very cool.

Check out this video courtesy of Samsung

Last but not least - Design

We’d be kidding ourselves if we said we didn’t care how sexy a TV looks in your room. The bar has been lifted  in terms of the design of Samsung SUHD TV models this year. It refers to this styling as the 360° Design. The back is seamless, with no visible screws and a brushed finish. A sleek new stand design is introduced with soundbar compatibility in mind – with the ability to accommodate a soundbar without losing any of the bottom image of the screen. The TVs are slimmer than ever, and have thinner bezels than ever before.

Here are some images of the Samsung Series 9 SUHD TV - the KS9000
KS9000 Samsung SUHD TVKS9000 Samsung SUHD TV

KS9000 Samsung SUHD TV

*Photos courtesy of Samsung’s website.

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