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HDR – High Dynamic Range

HDR – High Dynamic Range What is HDR – High Dynamic Range? When you walk into a store selling TVs, and they have model upon model lined up next to each other, playing the same content, take a second to ask yourself what makes you pick one TV over the other as having a better …
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Digital TV Signal Interference – Simple Tips

Digital TV Signal Interference – Simple Tips Digital TV Signal Interference. On a daily basis, TV salespeople are dealing with customers returning their TVs citing faulty tuners – as they are unable to tune in any or all of the Digital TV channels. Here are a few basic approaches to take before hitting the panic …
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Our TV Installers are always here to help. We provide all types of TV Installation, specializing in TV Wall Mounting, Soundbar Wall Mounting, Smart TV Installation, Home Theater System Set-Up and all basic Television and Component Tuning and Installation.

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